Our Allies

We rely on world leading firms which have robust R&D facilities and creating cutting edge products to serve our customers.

  • Bose Professional:

    Bose professional makes one of highest value for investment products in world with industry trend setting business practices and supported by cutting edge R&D.

  • TW Audio:

    TW Audio is German high end audio equipment manufacturer founded by the people with vast experience in the tour sound and critical live sound installations. We rely on TW audio when highest quality of sound desired by our customers.

  • Wyrestorm and Kramer:

    All our switching and routing solutions are developed using Kramer and Wyrestorm. Both the manufacturers have robust technical support and service support in India.

  • Beyer dynamic:

    For all of our Input transducer requirement we go to Beyerdynamic India.Beyerdynamic is one the best engineering company from Germany which make highly reliable products and reliable support.

  • QSC Audio and Q Sys platform:

    All our audio processing is carried out on Q Sys platform. There is practically nothing in pro audio routing & switching which you cannot do in Q sys. Q sys is the most robust audio platform in the industry. We at blitzkrieg fully utilize the ability of Q sys platform to deliver cutting audio solutions to our customers.

  • Leksa Lighting:

    Leksa Lighting is a manufacturer & solution provider for specialized lighting system. We concentrate on Tv Studio Lighting, Auditorium & Stage Lighting, Film Lighting, Architectural & Facade Lighting, Stadium Lighting, Videowalls and many other specialized lighting segments. A depth of knowledge with the team at Leksa makes it differ from other players in the industry in terms of quality of solution, execution & customer support. Join your hands with Leksa. Visit us @ www.leksalighitng.com