This project is our foray into the high end league in Pro Audio. The team at shakes bierre club wanted nothing but the best equipment for their upcoming club. We could not have accomplished our objectives without TW Audio.TW audio Germany manufactures one of the best sounding equipments in the world and exceeding the customer’s expectation is a daily routine at TW audio. The system is designed with T24N dual 12” TOPs which are one of the loudest on earth. The LF is augmented by TW audio 18” 5000W installation Subwoofers, adding to the ice on the cake The whole system is powered by the worlds most advanced & most power full Powersoft X series amplifier. The entire club is zoned using Allen heath Qu Pac compact digital board and controlled using Apple IPad. If you ever want to enjoy true club sound with best tasting bear and welcoming hospitality we advise you to visit Shakes Bierre club, Bangalore. We thank TW audio for timely supply of equipments and imparting the required skill set to deploy the system to the expected level. We thank the leadership team at Shakes Bierre club for choosing Blitzkrieg & TW Audio for your project.
TW Audio you are the true German beast.